Marianne Georgiou is the mother of a non-speaking child that uses an AAC device (augmentative and alternative communication device) to communicate, however he couldn’t bring his ‘voice’ out into the school playground during recess. She decided to reach out to the principal of her son’s elementary school and present the idea of implementing communication boards in the playgrounds of the school. Her principal loved the idea and Marianne got to work!

In about 2 weeks, she had raised the funds needed for her communication board project to implement communication boards in all 3 playgrounds of this elementary school. These amazing communication tools were installed at Laurel Park Elementary on April 2022. What started as a project of love for her son and his peers, blossomed into the amazing organization it is today.

This communication board project at Laurel Park Elementary lead to the establishing of A Voice For All Foundation. So needless to say, we celebrated BIG time when the project came to know what that means..CAKE, of course!

We are excited about the journey we are undertaking to change the world for the better one voice at a time.

We were honored to have ‘The King of Apex’, Mayor Jacques Gilbert with us celebrating our communication board project at Laurel Park Elementary School in Apex, NC.

There are no words to express our gratitude towards the amazing sponsors for their support on our communication board project at Laurel Park Elementary. Without the generosity of our community and sponsors this project wouldn’t have been possible! The change you made possible impacts not only the children and families at Laurel Park Elementary, but our community as a whole. THANK YOU!

“It’s no secret that I’m the mom of a special needs sweetness. I love my son something fierce..he’s my heart and I am his voice. I would not change him for the world, but I will change the world for him.”

– Marianne Georgiou