The goal of this program is to give a voice to non-speaking, non-English speakers and/or and children with speech difficulties so they may be able to engage with peers, friends (or even make new friends) while at play. These boards will also bring awareness and educational moments to neuro-typical children and families in our communities.

The playground is a perfect setting for children of all stages and ages to come together; by giving non-speaking children (or children with speech limitations) a voice in the playground we are giving them a way to integrate and communicate with others as well as allowing them to practice social skills and gain confidence while doing so.

Program Highlights

Each board is designed for the playground it serves.

  • English and Spanish
  • Numbers and Alphabet for unlimited vocabulary possibilities
  • Can be personalized with pictures of playground equipment
  • Can be customized to area/park location


All are eligible to apply. Our organization currently operates in Wake County, North Carolina; but is not limited to the county or state.

Contact Person

If you’re interested in learning more about implementing communication boards in your community parks or would like to apply, contact Marianne Georgiou via phone at (919) 454-3595 or email at